• Madame Pop and kids,

    In schools, there is plenty of drawings. Madame Pop loves drawings and she is perfect at magnifying them. It was so obvious that Madame Pop and Kids and schools meet, on a field that draws them together.
    Madame Pop and Kids proposes to schools and to parent of pupils to use this art in making customized products with magnified drawings for classes at preferential tariff.
  • Valorise your pupils’ creations:
    make magnify their drawings on products and win
    money for your school.

    Interested ? Contact us

    With all the drawings from your class

    Propose a gift to parents that is going to touch them:
    A calendar with all the drawings from the class.
    An initiative that will please parents and that will generate profits
    for your school by reselling the products.


    With all the drawings from your class

    You are looking for a gift for your colleague that is leaving
    to retirement?

    A gift to thank the director?

    A teacher, an atsem?

    Madame Pop proposes to offer a collective gift at preferential

    A canvas with the magnified drawings from a class!

    Interested ? Contact helene@madamepop.fr


    For each kid with his own drawing

    Offer for sale unique customized products

    with the drawing of each pupil!

    From the post it dispenser to the pocket mirror passing
    through the must-have mug, offer for sale products dressed
    with magnified drawings from your class

    AND win money for your school!

    les cadeaux