• Madame Pop and kids YOUR BRAND’S PARTNER

    Value your brand and your customers, recruit prospects with entertainment in partnership with Madame Pop and Kids!
    Madame Pop and kids offers partnerships and entertainment for all brands wishing to affirm the values of creativity, humanity, and generosity to their customers and prospects.

  • Nourish your brand image of creativity

    and childhood with entertainment

    that will surprise

    your customers!

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  • Online drawings competition

    Partner: Fiat 500L

    Online drawings competition
    Objectives: Advocate and affirm the family values of
    Fiat 500L by making children draw their
    family with the Fiat 500L.

    • Creation and development of a dedicated website

    • Press release and e mailings creation

    • Creation of gifts for the winners with their own
    beautified drawings printed on it.

  • Creation of limited edition

    Example of partnership : Fiat 500L

    Conception, design and production of products and games in limited edition for Fiat,

    with the beautified drawings of the winners’ online competition.

    CREATION De produits en serie limitée

  • Drawing workshop

    Example : Pierre & vacances

    Event at Pierre & Vacances

    Drawing workshop with children

    + Gifts Ceremony

    Objective: Rewarding and pampering customers with

    a gift designed by their children!

    • Drawing workshop with Pierre & Vacances activity

    • Retrieving drawings and beautification

    work by Madame Pop’s team.

    • Presenting the frameworks to parents


  • Works Council activities

    Example of partnership: Clarins

    Creation of 15 paintings with the beautified drawings of
    the children’s employees upon the anniversary of a
    mythical product:
    The 25 years old of Eau Dynamisante by Clarins.

  • Offline drawings competition

    Example of Partnership: Accoris Mutuelle

    Just like Accoris Mutuelle,

    entertain your point of sales by proposing an offline
    drawings competition with gifts to win:
    madame pop and kids products personalized with the
    beautified drawings of winners!

    Concours de dessins offline